Other Services

Gwyndow’s offers a variety of other services for your home. Please call us to get an estimate on any of the following services:

Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Solar panels are generally self-cleaning, but over time bird droppings, dust and other substances can build up on the glass and impact the amount of electricity generated by the module. Gwyndow’s uses deionized water and a soft bristled brush to scrub the panels, optimizing module efficiency. Some solar panel companies recommend cleaning them annually.

Gutter Cleaning

  • Gwyndow’s can clean out 1st and 2nd story gutters. We clean the gutters by hand, no pressure washing. We also rinse out the downspouts, and take pictures of our finished product to save you climbing a ladder!

Gutter Inserts

If you’d like to skip cleaning out your gutters again next year, we can install Rain Flow Gutter Protection to your newly cleaned gutters. These inserts are immensely better than the typical gutter guards:

  • They’re easier to install. No screwing into your gutters or house; you don’t have to worry about leaks or voiding warranties.
  • Unlike guards, there’s no holes for debris to get lodged. Debris blows off, water soaks through. Not only do we still have to clean out gutters with guards on them, but it cost exponentially more because we have to take the guards off and replace them.

Bird Control

  • If you’ve got bird problems, we’ve got answers. Ask us about all the humane ways we can help with bird control!