Update Your Older Home With Gwyndows Custom Window Screens

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Many neighborhoods in Central Texas boast a plethora of gorgeous older homes that have been renovated and remodeled, but still hold on to that early 20th century charm. While the appliances and plumbing are updated, many people choose to preserve some of the original elements of the home. Sturdy and gorgeous wooden windows are one of the most popular fixtures homeowners would like to keep on their older houses.  However, if your windows have dirty or damaged screens, your old wooden windows probably don’t look as appealing as they could. Furthermore, old metal screens have the potential of ruining the glass of your windows. If damaged window screens on your home are threatening the charm of your home, we’re here to help.

At Gwyndows, we’re the windows experts. Our trained professionals don’t just offer home and residential window cleaning; we are also the Austin area’s leading expert in the creation of custom window screens as well as window screen repair. Our dedicated fabrication shop can handle any size of screen you need—as well as any type. So if your classic home needs updated wooden framed screens for your wooden windows, we have got you covered.

The metal screen mesh original wooden screens can rust over time. Eventually, that rust will stick to the glass of the window, ruining the original glass. We can replace the metal screen with fiberglass screen that does a better job keeping out bugs—with no rust. Replacing the screens with fiberglass is a smart and cost-efficient way to preserve your older home’s windows.

Maybe your home’s window screens are generally great looking… but there are one or two damaged screens really messing with your home’s overall aesthetic. Restoration companies that build wooden-framed screens typically have overblown minimums, forcing you to order window screens you don’t even need. At Gwyndows, we have no minimum. We’ll make as many custom screens you need– no more, no less—and we’ll match any existing screens on your home. Furthermore, our expert team delivers and installs your home’s window screens for you.

Or, if your screens are in pretty good shape but could just use a bit of repair, our team can work with the materials you have to create a beautiful façade for your home, for less money. Our service makes the entire process of restoring your home’s wooden window screens as easy as possible so you can enjoy then as soon as possible. That’s just the kind of “custom” we believe in.