innerblogbirdsOver the years, we’ve had quite a few inquiries from homeowners asking how to safely stop birds from hitting their second or third level windows. The problem, usually fatal for the birds, is caused by windows reflecting the surrounding habitat and the bird not being able to tell the difference.  Other reasons believed to be associated with the window hitting phenomenon include the window’s transparency (bird not realizing there is a barrier between them and what they see inside the window) and their natural attraction to bright lights shining from inside or near the window.  As a result, home and business owners have to deal with costly window damages and the burden of knowing their windows are killing dozens of birds each year. Talk about a lose/lose situation!  Luckily, there are several different ways to lessen or eliminate the problem altogether.

Here are 3 of our personal recommendations of how to stop birds from colliding with your upper level windows:

  1. Decals
  2. Window Screening
  3. Make The Window Safer and Less Appealing

Decals on windows signify to birds that there is a hard barrier between them and whatever they find appealing on the other side of the window. Easy to find and very affordable, home and business owners can purchase these decals and place them on their windows without much fuss. Nonetheless, as a word of advice, always make sure the decals are placed effectively and securely. If you’re unsure of placement or how to effectively use the decals, it would be wise to consult with your local window cleaning company or the company that produces the decals.

Window Screening
Placing preventative screening or netting on your upper level windows has also proven to be a very successful solution to the window strike problem. By hanging a transparent screen securely in front of your window, you’ll provide a soft cushion for the birds.

In addition, these screens and netting are usually completely transparent to the human eye and don’t offset the aesthetic of your home or business by any means.

Make The Window Safer and Less Appealing
Another easy, yet effective method to decrease and prevent collisions is by simply making your windows bird-safe and less appealing. Some examples include:

  • Moving bird feeders closer to the window so that birds can’t gain enough momentum to hurt themselves if they do happen to collide with the window.
  • Install or close already present curtains or blinds to remove the illusion of a reflected habitat .
  • Remove any attractive objects away from the window or from within view – plants, furniture that could appeal to birds as refuge, or items that could be mistaken for food.

However, before you choose a preventative solution, it would do a great deal of good for you to familiarize yourself with your specific problem. This will allow you to choose the most effective solution for your collision problem. If you’re unsure, talk with your local trusted window cleaning company and get their professional opinion on your situation.

After all, installing screens and blinds can be very expensive depending on how many windows you have. We’d hate for you to spend your hard earned money on them if your window strike problem could have been solved with another, less expensive method.