3 Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Window Cleaning Company

Hiring a company to clean your home or commercial windows is easy, right? Many people believe the process of checking reviews, getting three estimates, and going with the most budget-friendly, customer-trusted company will do the trick. In some cases, yes, this protocol can prove successful. In others, you may not be so lucky considering anyone and everyone can call themselves a “window cleaning company” these days. So what’s a consumer to do? You probably don’t have time to grill each and every one of the companies you’re considering with the various questions you may have regarding their service.

As a solution, here are three MANDATORY questions that can help in your selection process. These, coupled with your own research, could make a world of difference in your service as well as save you from potential problems down the road. Plus, you can square them away during the estimate process so there are no extra steps to take or time to be spent. Conveniency and satisfaction at it’s best!

What’s Their Liability Policy?

To the unsuspecting consumer, window cleaning seems harmless enough. The company comes in, cleans, and then leaves.However, it is important to realize the potential dangers window cleaners face with every job. They deal with ladders, razor scrapers, and other various tools depending on the service they’re providing. If an accident should take place, you could be looking at a hefty lawsuit if the company you’ve hired does not have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. This is why you should always ask about their liability policy before you hire.

The window cleaning company should be able to provide you with a proof of liability insurance, workers compensation insuranceliability and have a fidelity bond on all employees. Though none of these things are legally required in Texas, finding a company that does have this kind of protection can save you a lot of time and money should the unexpected happen. The liability insurance covers accidents or damages done to your home, the workers comp insurance will take care of any injuries or damages incurred by the window cleaning employees, and the fidelity bonds will cover theft should one of the employees take something from your home.

What’s Their Safety Protocol?

As mentioned before, window cleaners have many potential dangers associated with their job. These dangers can affect both the worker and consumer so it is best to know whether the company has a safety protocol in place.

Window cleaners are considered general labor and therefore need to be OSHA compliant. The International Window Cleaning Association offers a safety certification program called the i-14 standard that is in compliance with OSHA. Ask if the employees of the company have taken this safety certification or something similar. If not, simply ask about their safety protocol in general. By eliminating companies that do not have a legitimate safety protocol in place, you can rest assured your home or business will be a safe environment for both cleaner and consumer.

What Type of Window Cleaning Experience Do They Have?

Currently, there is no actual “window cleaning license” to be obtained. Therefore, anyone can claim they’re a window cleaning company. This can be a problem for home or business owners with unique glass or window situations. Fortunately, you can eliminate newbies or window cleaner wannabes by asking about their window cleaning experience. Or to get down to the specifics, ask about their experience with your particular glass.

For example, one telltale question to ask is: are they familiar with tempered glass windows and do they know how to clean them without scratching them?

If you feel uneasy about the answer they give you or they are very vague, chances are they are not very experienced with window cleaning at all. After all, it is a known industry fact that certain types of tempered glass are defective and must be handled with extra care. If not cleaned correctly, the cleaning will actually result in ugly, highly visible scratches.

The lesson of the story? Don’t be afraid to pry. As a consumer, you have the right (and the ability) to gain as much insight as you please on a company before they ever set foot in your house. Why not take advantage of that? By performing your own research online and asking these three questions you can gather the information necessary to make the best possible decision and avoid any expensive or dangerous problems during your window cleaning service.