Anchors away: increasing safety & efficiency with roof anchors

roof anchor

As far as fall protection equipment for window washers go, it doesn’t get any better than roof anchors. Roof anchors have become one of the most commonly used tools for window washers to ensure the safest possible cleaning and complete adherence to OSHA guidelines.

The roof anchor itself looks pretty simple but don’t be fooled by appearances; the roof anchor is a high-tech piece of equipment. Despite its size, a standard roof anchor can hold a static load of 1000 lbs and can handle an ultimate force of up to 5000 lbs. You may be asking yourself: what’s the difference between a static load and ultimate force? As window washers steadily using the roof anchor as support, we are the static loads. The ultimate force limit is important in fall situations where a one-time load puts pressure on the anchor point at once. Roof anchors are slightly flexible so if an ultimate force incident occurs it will bend but it won’t detach or break.

Despite their efficacy, roof anchors are incredibly affordable. For less than $20 you can help make our jobs as window cleaners easier and safer. With roof anchors as our aids, it is easier for us to comply with OSHA guidelines when cleaning roofline windows and gutters. Of course, if you don’t have roof anchors we still comply with OSHA and do our job with the upmost safety in mind. It’s just nice to have that bit of insurance as well. If we could, we’d help you install roof anchors ourselves.

Unfortunately, since we’re not roofers we are not certified to help with installation. But if you are getting a new roof or have a little work done after the hail season, you could ask your roofer to install them. A professional roofer can evaluate your home’s unique conditions that will affect our performance. Using their expertise, they can take into consideration the building’s construction and design the most efficient system for window washers and building maintenance workers.

When shopping for roof anchors you may see them labeled under other names. Some common terms for roof anchors include tieback, tieback anchor, safety tie-back, safety anchor, u-bar anchor, davit anchor, fall arrest anchor, and fall protection anchor. Or you can order them online here at the Home Depot website.

Roof anchors aren’t only useful for residential services. Businesses can benefit from adding roof anchors to their buildings in order to limit liability as well as make a safer, more efficient environment for quick and efficient window cleanings. If you have more questions about roof anchors, OSHA guidelines, or our services as window cleaners, contact Gwyndows today and we’ll happily answer all your queries.