Gutter Guards Are They Worth It?


About Gutter Guards And How They Help

There are very few chores that are as tedious and gross as cleaning your gutters. You haul out your ladder, drag your materials up with you, and lo and behold you’re greeted with the nasty sludge that accumulates in your gutters over the season. But you have to do it; dirty gutters can lead to worse problems down the road.

Gutter guards help keep your gutters clean by blocking the debris that flows down with water being drawn away from your roof. Many people install gutter guards and think they’ll never have to clean them again. The truth is while even the most expensive guards are able to prevent larger bouts of debris from clogging your gutters, there’s no way they can keep out everything. Even with gutter guards, a bi-annual cleaning is still recommended.

So if you still have to clean your gutters, are the guards even worth it? At about $7 per lineal foot, it’s not a cheap investment. A home with 300 feet of gutters will cost $2100, and you STILL have to clean them twice a year!

Installation Of Gutter Guards

Most gutter guards are installed by screwing them into your gutters or even the outside of your home.  This permanence means they’re just that much harder to repair if there are leaks or cracks. You also have to take the time to remove the guards manually when it’s time for cleaning, making the chore that much more cumbersome.

Thankfully, traditional gutter guards aren’t the only option on the market. Gutter Inserts like the ones Rain Flow Gutter Protection offer are the latest innovation in gutter cleaning. These gutter inserts fill the entire opening so only water can pass through. The inserts are made of a special material that can transport water, but keeps leaves, seeds, twigs, and other debris from passing through. Instead, the debris dries out on top of your roof and blows away.

Best of all, gutter inserts are easy to install. There’s no need to disrupt the exterior of your house by screwing them in; instead you simply slip them through the gutter and let them do their job effectively, but also invisibly.

Gwyndows Offers Gutter Guards With Rain Flow Protection

With gutter inserts, your gutter cleanings go from twice a year to every other year. Best of all, because they are so easy to remove and re-install, you won’t get charged extra if you decide to use a gutter cleaning service like the one Gwyndows offers.

Gwyndows’ team of trained experts clean first and second story gutters by hand—the safest and most efficient way. After cleaning, they even take pictures so you can see for yourself your shiny, clean gutters without having to get on that ladder. Once they clean your gutters, Gwyndows offers installation of Rain Flow Gutter Protection inserts so you can skip the cleaning next year.