Austin Spots We Love To Frequent After Getting Your Windows Squeaky Clean


secret beach Austin, TXSecret Beach – Austin, Texas 78741


At Gwyndow’s, our love for keeping Austin’s windows clean, sparkling, and beautiful is what motivates us. Perhaps the only thing that can rival that love is how much we enjoy all the cool things this city has to offer when we’re off the clock. Year round Austin offers residents live music, amazing food, cool cocktails and the funkiest oddities this side of the Mississippi. What are some of our favorite haunts?

  1. Alamo Drafthouse

This Austin legend isn’t exactly a local secret. In fact, there are Alamos opening up in cities all over the United States nowadays. That doesn’t make us love the original any less. After all, what’s not to love about a theater that serves ice-cold beer and chips and queso instead of sugary sodas and stale popcorn? We always show up early to catch the staff-curated special previews and make it a point to catch at least a couple of the special events a month. If you haven’t been to a hilarious Master Pancake Theater live movie mockery, you have to check it out.

  1. BookWoman

Austin’s local feminist bookstore isn’t just a great cause, it’s a cultural hub nestled on North Lamar. For forty years BookWoman has provided Austin with the books featuring some of the most independent minds and voices in the world with a focus on supporting local talents. It’s not the biggest or flashiest store in the area, but BookWoman maintains the weird spirit that makes Austin so great.

  1. Red Bud Dog Park

This is a dog-friendly city, no doubt. So when it’s quittin’ time and the sun is still out, we take our four-legged friends out to Red Bud Isle for some off-leash fun. These 13 acres smack-dab in the middle of Town Lake are our pups’ favorite place to run, swim, and generally be dogs for a while.

  1. The Tavern

When the heat gets up, and if you’ve been in Austin for more than a minute you know it does, we like to go down to The Tavern. This German-chateau in the heart of the city offers up cold beer and bar food favorites with a Hill Country twist. With 50 high-definition TVs all around the bar, it’s a great place to meet up with friends and catch a game or two.

  1. Secret Beach

Okay, so it’s not so much a secret anymore and swimming of course officially prohibited, but we still love trekking around Roy G. Guerrero Park and letting our dogs splash in the shallows of the ever-flowing Colorado River. While the swift and dangerous currents caused by the opening of the Longhorn Dam means it’s too dangerous to float, those of us who love to kayak can still slather on the sunscreen and paddle on.


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