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  Making renovations to an older home is all about balance. You want to do the things that bring the home into the modern world, but you don’t want to destroy what makes it a charming, cool older house. Here’s

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Local Spotlight: Homesville Realty Group

Local Spotlight Hi All, Robin here. I had the pleasure of meeting a long-time Gwyndow’s client on a coincidental, and much needed, vacation this past week with our families. Paul and his wife Marquette were with their two kiddos, and while

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online estimate form

New Online Estimate Form On Our Website Get an estimate & book your service, all in one place. Gwyndows just got a huge upgrade to our site. Check out our new online estimator – no strings attached. With the new

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A fun Christmas light tour in the North Austin area.

The kids are growing up and they’re a rare sight at home these days and you’re stuck paying for a house that’s twice as large as you really need. If you’ve ever given a second thought to selling your large family home and downsizing to a space that fits your current lifestyle, keep reading for a few reasons that might just convince you to take action.

How to Work A Little Window Magic on Your Home They say that your eyes are the windows to the soul. But did you know that windows are the eyes of your home? It’s true! They are how you see

This is Eleanor. She was born in between hay bales in a barn West Texas. She enjoys lounging, looking at the birds through her CLEAN windows, and taking care of the house. She also spends her time napping, playing with

A major way to avoid costly repairs as a homeowner is to stay on top of home maintenance projects. To get you fall and winter-ready, here’s a quick guide for those important end-of-summer tasks. To further boost your general maintenance, we’ve provided a deeper look into specific tasks for the season.

Summer 2017 Events We’re Looking Forward To Here At Gwyndows It’s official, we’re in full-time summer mode. The city is buzzing with energy as the temperatures remain firmly on the high end and we want to make the most of

The Gwyndows Guide To June Events In Austin Summer is truly a magical time in Austin. Since most of the kids from the University of Texas are out of town, traffic is lighter. There are events everywhere with tons of things you