Grime and pollution will accumulate on your windows over time. These particles will slowly obstruct your view and block the sunshine from entering your home. The only thing worse than these particles is the streaks you leave behind during window cleaning. If you want to keep your windows streak-free, these are some expert window cleaning mistakes you should avoid.
1. Not Dusting
Your best way to avoid your windows getting dirty inside is to dust often. Dusting will allow you to see debris and dirt before you start cleaning your windows, and will prevent streaking during the wash. Before you begin washing your windows, sweep the dirt out of the window frame with a brush or use a vacuum to suck all of it up. Getting rid of this dust before washing the window will prevent the dirt from becoming a muddy mess when it mixes with your cleaner.
2. Washing Windows on a Sunny Day
If you do your window washing on a sunny day, your cleaner will dry before you can wipe it off. Dried-on window cleaner will leave behind hard-to-remove streaks. If you have no choice but to perform this task when the sun is out, you should begin the washing on the shady side of your building.
3. Using Cheap or Dirty Materials
If you use a poor-quality cleaning product, you are going to end up with a poor-quality result. Window cleaning solutions will not do the job of paper towels, and paper towels are not going to do the job of a squeegee. Microfiber cloths are the best tool to use for cleaning your windows. These clothes save you time and money, however, you do have to remember to wash them so the old dirt is removed.
The wrong cleaning products can also cause your windows to streak after washing. Some of the low-quality products will even leave your windows with a cloudy film. If you use a low-quality spray, you can expect to have a residue left behind on the glass when you are finished. Another mistake made with spray cleaners is using too little. You need to use plenty of spray to dissolve the dirt allowing it to be completely removed. If you use too little of the spray, you will end up with streaks on your windows.
4. Cleaning Too Large of an Area
Over-focusing is a common mistake when people clean their windows. If you spray too large of an area at one time, the cleaner will begin to dry before you can use it to clean the dirt off the window. The trick is to focus on one spot at a time, spray it, wipe it, and see how your cleaning efforts are working. Doing small areas at a time allows you to see if any changes need to be made in the process before you’ve wasted time on all your windows.
5. Drying Technique is Wrong
An important step in the cleaning of your windows is the drying technique you use. It is best to use a microfiber cloth or squeegee over an old rag to make sure the window does not get fogged or you end up with streaks.
The micro-fiber cloth is better than an old rag, however, these cloths work much better for dusting than for washing your windows. These clothes are designed to create static electricity that allows them to pick up dust particles easier. Instead of the micro-cloth, you should use a sweeper that will also reduce your chances of ending up with streaks on your window.
6. Not Hiring Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning Service
Cleaning windows is a tough job and if not done properly will leave your windows looking worse than before you started. A big mistake in cleaning windows is not hiring a professional to do the job right.
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