Spring has always been a time of year when homeowners and businesses alike get the urge to clean away the past season’s debris and dirt from their windows. This is the best time of year to remove the grime from fall leaves or winter storms, and even if you’ve performed regular cleanings, now is the time for deep cleans. This year we have even more reasons for cleaning and performing maintenance, as we want to remove any possibility of COVID-19 germs existing in our homes and offices.

Opening Windows as the ‘Shelter at Home’ Ends

Businesses and homeowners across the country are preparing for their state to lift the ‘shelter at home’ orders, and this means you want to freshen the air in your home or office. The best way to avoid recirculating air in any area is to open the windows. This is the perfect time for you to get those windows cleaned!
Experts are urging people to open their windows and allow for a flow of fresh air. With more focus on windows, you will want yours looking their very best.

Why is Spring the Best Time for Window Cleaning?

Springtime is generally a time for window cleaning to be performed since they’ve spent all year building up layers of dust, pollution, grime, and dirt. Having your windows washed by a professional service such as Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning Service will enhance the beauty of your home or office as well as maintain proper hygiene.

Having a professional team cleaning your windows means you have fewer worries about the outcome. If your windows are large or placed high, it is safer to have an experienced team clean them, as they have the experience to safely and effectively clean glass. You can sit back and enjoy the beauty of clean windows without the worry of streaks or having to climb ladders to reach the entire surface.

Benefits to Window Cleaning

Most issues involving getting your windows looking spotless come from the dirt that has settled on them. Dirty windows are not eye-pleasing, and they can compromise the appearance of your home or office. There is also the danger of harming your window frame if your windows are not properly cleaned and maintained. Damaged window frames could lead to costly repairs or the need to have them replaced entirely.

When you choose to have your windows professionally cleaned, you keep your home or office looking its best and give a good impression to those on the outside. It will not only improve your view of your outside environment, but you will also be allowing more sunshine into your rooms.

A thorough window cleaning will generally last you up to three months. There are no guarantees, as it can depend heavily on weather conditions, but the typical guideline suggests that your windows will continue to look great for as long as three months.

Are There Other Good Times for Window Cleaning?

The best time for window cleaning is generally in the spring to remove the months of buildup that have occurred throughout the year. There are other times you may find more important, such as before an event happening in your business or a graduation party at your home. Any special occasion would present as a good time to have your windows cleaned.

If you are ready to have your windows cleaned as a part of your regular spring maintenance or to freshen the air after ‘shelter at home,’ you should contact Gwyndow’s Windows for a professional clean. Our services will extend the life of your windows, improve the appearance of your home or office, and enhance the efficiency of windows. A professional window cleaning service will give you a brighter, clearer view of the outside world!