D-I-Why? We’ll handle your window cleaning


We’re honestly surprised you have time to read this right now. What with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, people all over town are scraping for a second to breathe. Without a doubt, washing your home’s windows is the last thing on your mind—let alone your to-do list.

That’s what professionals like us are for. When life is too hectic to do-it -yourself, we’re here to help. This time of year, your days off are hardly that. You’re more likely spending that time getting holiday shopping done or attending countless social functions. There’s no point in taking an entire, precious afternoon to wash your own windows when Gwyndows can do it quickly, effectively, and at an affordable cost.

Time management isn’t the only reason you should leave your window washing to the professionals at Gwyndows. Here are three others to take into consideration:


  1. Window washing is not for the faint of heart.

The holidays are for relaxing and celebrating, not adrenaline rushes. The juggling of buckets, rags, and sponges up and down a ladder is not only risky, but it has the potential to leave you in a bigger mess than you started with. Why deal with the circus act yourself when one of Gwyndows’ highly trained professionals can do it without breaking a sweat? None of our workers go out on the job before completing a six-month training program that ensures they have the know-how to get the job done quickly and safely, without leaving behind anything but sparkling windows. Plus, we have a $2 million liability insurance policy, workers compensation insurance, and we’re fidelity bonded. We have a 100% accident-free workplace, but we make sure our workers are taken care of in case of an act of God.



  1. We’re tough on dirt, not Mother Nature

By leaving your window washing needs to Gwyndows, you’re not just leaving your house in the best hands, you’re also leaving your home’s ecosystem in the best hands. You don’t have to worry about what kind of chemicals to buy or how to dispose of run-off; we know all the proper laws and procedures to ensure our window cleaning process is eco-friendly. Our process includes:


  1. Scrub windows with hand mops and a solution of water and Glass Gleam 4.
  2. Scrape windows to remove any haze or over-spray.
  3. Scrub windows a second time.
  4. Squeegee windows.
  5. Detail windows with surgical rags, leaving no fibers behind.
  6. Open windows and wipe out all the loose dirt and debris in the track.
  7. Remove, scrub, and replace screens.
  8. Finally, double check that window is as clean as possible.


  1. We’re cost-effective

What with the holiday expenses you may be thinking that an afternoon cleaning your own windows would be worth the savings. Do the math again. After buying the necessary materials and cleansers, you’ll already be out a pretty penny before you even get the ladder out (do you have one of those, by the way?).  Our prices are competitive and our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you don’t think you’ve gotten everything your money paid for we will happily refund you.


Ready to leave your window washing to the professionals? Contact us today and let Gwyndows do the job for you.