When a new year rolls around, it is common for people to make New Year’s Resolutions and promises that may or may not be followed through with. But now that the holiday season is behind you, a great resolution to make is to perform a deep clean on your home for the new year.
These are some tips to help you with this resolution and ensure that you can follow through with it. These tips are ones you can incorporate into your cleaning habits to make your house work smarter, not harder.
1. Share the Laundry Duties
When laundry piles up, it can become frustrating and stressful. This year, streamline your laundry duties and share them with everyone in the family. If a child can use a computer and read care tags, they can help with laundry duties. Even family members in preschool know their colors to sort piles and they can also bring their dirty clothes from the hamper to the laundry room.
Some rules you and all family members can follow to make laundry duties smarter include:
If a piece of clothing is touched but not worn, it should be returned immediately to its original location
If a piece of clothing has been worn but could be worn again, designate an area in the closet for it
If a piece of clothing needs to go in the hamper for washing, it should be placed there immediately and never thrown on furniture or the floor for future tossing in the hamper
2. Use Cleaning Products Properly
Cleaning products have labels explaining how they should be used. Take the time to read these and ensure you are using them properly. Apply the products and allow them to work for the right amount of time before you begin scrubbing. Following the directions will make your cleaning easier.
3. Ensure You Do Not Run Out of Cleaning Supplies
It is frustrating if you begin a cleaning project only to run out of supplies halfway through your task. Consider a subscription service for cleaning products, or check supplies before beginning your cleaning.
4. Create a Cleaning Calendar
Create a cleaning calendar for weekly, monthly, and yearly chores. This calendar will help you remember what has to be done. The calendar should include when you need your chimney cleaned, windows washed, or maintenance done on any equipment used in your home.
5. Keep Dirt Outside
You can reduce the amount of time you have to clean by keeping the dirt outside. Use doormats at all your entrances, and choose ones that are easily cleaned. If you have a mudroom in your home as the main entry, make sure everyone takes their shoes off at the door to this room. Place a bench or chair inside the room to make shoe removal easier.
6. Begin Cleaning at the Top of a Room
Begin cleaning at the top of a room, especially if you are doing a deep clean. Deep cleans often include washing the walls and dusting items that are not always cleaned. By beginning the deep clean at the top, you won’t have to re-clean surfaces from dust or debris falling from above.
7. Keep Cleaning Tools Clean
If you are not cleaning your cleaning tools, such as the vacuum, duster, sponges, or mops, they are not going to give you the deep clean you want. A dirty mop is only going to redistribute dirt as it will move the dirt each time you use it. If your cleaning tools are not clean, they cannot clean your home.
Who Can Help With Your New Year’s Deep Clean Resolution
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