Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on making your yard and home look great. Fall is an excellent season with spectacular colors to help make your front porch stand out in the neighborhood. So, now that blooms from the summer flowers are starting to fade, it’s time to start thinking of a fall front porch decor.
You may choose to use the decorative pumpkins now coming into the season, or perhaps a bale of hay to accent those gorgeous fall leaves, or use one of these ideas as your fall front porch decor.

Balancing Summer with Fall

Your fall front porch decor can begin by balancing your fading summer flowers with some hanging plants of coastal cobalt blue mixed with some orange foliage. These colors will add an autumn atmosphere and make your porch a cozier place to relax. Add to these plants a string of lights to give your porch an intimate touch.

Fall Front Porch Decor with Added Color

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to add fall front porch decor to your home, you can visit the local thrift store. Look for some older wicker chairs and paint them a bright red or orange. Add a few pumpkins along with some old apple crates, and you have a unique fall theme. You can even finish off the look with a bright ribbon attached to your door.

Repaint Your Front Door for Fall Front Porch Decor

If your front porch doesn’t have a lot of room to add beautiful pumpkins, bales of hay, or other fall decors, you can repaint your front door. Giving your front door a seasonal refresh with a cheerful orange hue or another fall color will create a beautiful fall front porch decor.

Fall Front Porch Decor with Symmetry

Your fall front porch decor doesn’t have to surround just the entry to your home. Go beyond the stoop and down the front walk by using stalks of corn, mums, and pumpkins. If there is a ledge on your porch, mini gourds look great to accent your other fall colors and can put a real spin to your window boxes. If you cannot find a place for all your favorites on the porch, you can take some of the decors out to the front yard to tie into your theme.

Mums Make Marvelous Fall Front Porch Decor

Mums are not only a hardy, colorful fall plant; they are also incredibly affordable. These flowers come in a choice of oranges, yellows, and other fall colors to create a fall of rainbow blooms to accent your pumpkins. Setting some of these out as your fall front porch decor will add excellent color to your entry, making it stand out on your street.

Fall Front Porch Decor Can be Personalized

Pumpkins don’t have to become Jack-O-Lanterns, and they don’t just have to sit out with hay and leaves. Pumpkins can personalize your fall front porch decor. When you decorate your pumpkins with your house numbers, they can guide Thanksgiving guests or your trick-or-treaters. You can also personalize them with your favorite team, state, or whatever logo you want to display.

Fall Front Porch Decor Can be Simple

You don’t have to splash the entire porch with fall colors to create a fall front porch decor. If you use potted boxwoods, you can spruce up your patio as they are all-season plants, even with the changing temperatures outside. Potted boxwoods are typically in tall containers and give off a big impression for any front entry.

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