Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning Sets Us Apart


A better choice for your home and the environment

The other day a first time client called our office asking about our cleaning solutions. She was very concerned about what the other companies she received quotes from were using. “One of them used a type of acid,” she told us. “I don’t trust what that might do to my hedges or flowers in my yard.” We agree. Many window-cleaning companies use questionable cleaning solutions that can cause harm to the natural ecosystem surrounding your home. At Gwyndows, we typically only use one product, Glass Gleam 4. Glass Gleam 4 is safe for pets, people, and plants and is so gentle we don’t even wear gloves when we use it.

Hard water? No problem.

Repel is a solution we use when hard water has left dull residue or stains on the outside of your windows. After we clean the windows, Repel prevents water from further staining your windows by creating a protective barrier. Our clients have noticed this is especially useful for windows next to pools, shower surrounds, and sprinkler systems. Both Glass Gleam 4 and Repel are gentler than dish soap.

Old-fashioned elbow grease does wonders

All of our window-cleaning solutions are safe as well as effective. As far as eco-friendly solutions go, there’s nothing friendlier than manpower. Our professionally trained window-cleaners expertly use steel wool and razor scrapers to remove debris from your windows without damaging the class.

Committed to Central Texas’ water reserves.

We love Austin, so we believe in taking care of it. Since we are often in drought, water-restrictions are crucial for the city and surrounding areas. We take it a step further and commit to using less than 4 gallons of water to clean all the windows of your standard home.

Eco-friendly for everybody

At Gwyndows, we are so committed to promoting eco-friendly window washing techniques for everybody. If washing your own windows is more budget friendly (or if you genuinely enjoy doing it—we do!) then we suggest you use only 2 tbl spoons of dish soap to 2 gallons of water until you’ve completed your entire home. We only used only dish soap for years but switched to Glass Gleam 4 because it is a better wetting agent. Using any harsher solvents on your glass (like Goo Gone can leak into the seals and erode them over time.

Under pressure

If your home’s exterior needs a thorough cleaning, our pressure washing services might be for you. For most cases, the appropriate amount pressure and water is all we need. More difficult jobs call for a very watered-down bleach/soap solution, which is still harmless to your home. We take care of your plants and fauna before and after when using any bleach so they don’t soak it up. Also, we follow EPA guidelines by utilizing berming so any runoff draining to the street gutters doesn’t pollute our water supply. Finally, even though it is legal for us as a business to pressure wash during stage 3 water restrictions, we decline to do so. If your home needs pressure washing, we suggest scheduling your appointment in late winter or early spring, when we tend to get decent rain.