Gwyndows Favorite Things To Do In March & April

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South By Southwest has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the city is about to go to sleep. Springtime is one of the best times to get out and do things around the city while the weather is warm—rather than crazy hot like it gets in the summer. Here are some things we’re looking forward to:

James and the Giant Peach at Zach Theatre

Our favorite childhood book by one of Britain’s greatest authors is being brought to life on stage every Saturday and Sunday through April 10th. Witty, wild, and a little weird, this live performance of James and the Giant Peach is perfect performance for the whole family to enjoy this season. After enjoying the show on the Kleberg Stage, cross Lamar and enjoy a family stroll around Auditorium Shore or go play in the Liz Carpenter Fountain next to the Long Center.

The 53rd Annual Eeyore’s Birthday Party

On April 30th Pease Park turns into a child’s wonderland where we celebrate the birthday of the most melancholy resident of the Hundred Acre Wood. Eeyore’s Birthday Party has become an Austin tradition attracting both the young and old. People dress up in their favorite costumes and have fun playing games, winning prizes, enjoying live acoustic music, and getting in the scene with face painting, henna, and temporary tattoos. If you are new to Austin you won’t want to miss this party.

Come as You Are exhibit at the Blanton Museum of Art

The 90’s are in—so in that we’re now considering it art. Come as You Are: Art of the 1990s is the first major museum survey to really dig into the historical context of the art that was created during the nineties. As a decade marked by tremendous social, political, and economic change the nineties brought women artists and artists of color into unprecedented prominence. If you have kids, this is a great way to immerse them into a part of American history we are just now thoroughly reflecting upon.

Fusebox Festival

We know what you’re thinking—ANOTHER Austin festival? Yes, but Fusebox isn’t just another South By Southwest or Austin City Limits. Fusebox is a festival that celebrates art of all mediums with a focus on hybrid pieces. With the goal of creating conversation, exploring new talent, educating the public, supporting local artists, and establishing new creative partnerships between artists, organizations, and businesses, bringing the family to a day of Fusebox will inspire your kids (and maybe yourself) to think outside of the box creatively.