power washing diyWhy Hiring A Pro Beats Do-It-Yourself
Power Washing

As a society, we’ve come a long way. We’ve transformed from the stumbling, bumbling unaware individuals of before into the informed and empowered people of today.

This can be a good and bad thing. For one, consumers are smarter than ever. On the other hand, this age of information has spawned a myriad of DIY-ers. What is a DIY-er? A non-professionally skilled person who attempts to recreate a professional result on their own.

Sometimes this method can prove very successful. Especially if the person already has a knack for the task at hand. In terms of power washing, not so much.

Why? Because in order to correctly use a power washer, you need years of experience. Yes, you can read as many articles or watch as many videos as you like, but at the end of the day – experience always wins.

Here are 3 reasons why you should always opt to have a professional power wash your home.

  • #1 – Associated Dangers

It’s no secret that power washers pack A LOT of pressure. That’s the very element that makes them successful. However, when an inexperienced person operates one, it can become a serious safety hazard.

Luckily, you can decrease the chances of a trip to the emergency room by hiring a professional power washer. This person will be well-trained in the safety protocols and equipped with safety gear to ensure your driveway or deck is cleaned, accident-free.

  • #2 – Eliminate Potential Damage To Your Home

To operate a power washer successfully, you need to be armed with a lot of information. Information that can be applied from the get-go. Not after the fact. Many DIY-ers find this out the hard way. Sure, power washing looks easy online. You turn it on, wash the desired area, and you’re done, right? Not so fast.

A successful power washing job includes many elements. Examples include power washing when weather conditions are optimal, using the appropriate amount of pressure per given surface, and the length of time you expose a surface to the pressure.

Without this kind of knowledge, you run the risk of imposing serious damage on your home. By choosing to go with a professional, you can eliminate this possibility and save yourself the headache!

  • #3 – Save Money (And Time!)

Renting a power washer can be expensive. Especially if you get roped into renting a high-grade power washer that you probably do not need.

To be fair, many would argue having a professional power wash their home, driveway, deck, etc. is equally expensive. Nonetheless, the true difference in cost lies in the result.

Let’s say you choose to power wash a surface yourself and everything goes well (no damages or accidents). You’d consider this a small victory for DIY-ers everywhere, right? Maybe. Depends on the ACTUAL result. The surface may look clean now, but what will it look like in a couple of days? Are the results sustainable after two weeks time? If not, you’re going to have to rent again and shell out cash again to try and get the outcome you desire.

In another scenario, you may power wash a surface with too much pressure and completely destroy your beautiful paint or wood. Now, on top of the rental fee, you’ve got repair fees. Hiring a professional doesn’t seem as expensive now, does it?

To really achieve the best possible outcome, both aesthetically and financially, hiring a professional power washer is always in your best interest. You may be the best DIY-er this world has ever known, but there are some things left better off to the professionals.