Home Cleaning Tips For Summer

When the summer months become hot and humid, you may begin thinking about cleaning inside your house. These are some simple home cleaning tips for summer so your house maintenance can be easy and quick and you can worry less and enjoy the summer months more. 

1. Reverse and Clean Ceiling Fans

Having a dusty ceiling fan is only going to enhance summer allergy symptoms. These devices need a cleaning or they will continue to spread pollen and dust as they keep on rotating the air in your room or rooms. When you perform your summer cleaning of the ceiling fan, you should also change the direction or reverse the direction of the blades. When your fan rotates counterclockwise it will push cooler air down and save you money on energy costs. This change in the direction of the blades will also improve your air conditioner’s effectiveness. 

2. Change or Clean Air Conditioner Filter

 One of the most important items on your home cleaning tips for summer is to change or clean your air conditioner filter. These filters can become clogged with dirt or dust and stop functioning properly or even damage your unit. The last thing you want happening on hot summer days is a breakdown in your air conditioner. Cleaning an air conditioner filter is as simple as using your vacuum to remove dirt and dust or using hot, soapy water to clean debris away. 

3. Clean Out the Refrigerator

Bacteria can grow faster during hot summer months, even in your refrigerator. Summer is a good time to clean out this unit and rinse down all the surfaces inside with a gentle antibacterial soap. Make sure any fresh vegetables and fruits you’ve purchased are still good and have not begun to mold. 

4. Clean Out the Freezer

Cleaning out the freezer is perfect on a hot day as this can be a cold job. Empty out all your ice cube trays into the kitchen sink and place your frozen foods on top or under the ice to keep them cool while you clean the surfaces of the freezer unit. Remove any built-up frost with hot water or a car ice scraper. Check all foods for signs of freezer burn and throw away any open foods that look grayish-brown. 

5. Clean Out Garbage Disposal and Drains

During the summer when the temperatures rise, food will rot more quickly and smells tend to fester more easily. Clean out your garbage disposal and kitchen drains to make sure food is not stuck and can begin smelling. A garbage disposal can be cleaned with baking soda and vinegar, but do not stick your bare hands into this unit. Once the baking soda and vinegar have bubbled for five minutes, rinse the unit with hot water. 

6. Check For Leaks

During the summer months, we tend to use our outdoor faucets more, so this is a great time to check for leaks. Check the hose and faucets for dampness or leaks and perform a quick fix with some water-proof gardening tape. If it is a plumbing issue, you will want to contact a professional plumber, or if a hose issue, replace it as soon as you can. 

7. Wash Your Windows

Good weather is a perfect time to improve your view through your home’s windows. Lower-level windows are easier and safer to clean with soapy water and sponge, but if you have upper-level windows, these can be dangerous. Standing on a ladder while you clean a window’s surface can result in serious falls. Talk to the professionals at Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning where you can have this home cleaning service done by highly trained window cleaners. 

Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning offers competitive pricing and uses eco-friendly products that are safe for pets and children. Don’t risk a serious accident that will prevent you from enjoying these summer months. Talk to the professionals at Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning and have your windows sparkling like new with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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