How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your House
Whether your home is constructed of concrete or has vinyl siding, the most efficient and quickest way to clean it is through pressure washing. While this method of cleaning your house is the most effective, it can also cause a lot of damage if not done properly. To ensure your home is pressure washed only when it needs it, these are some factors you should consider before cleaning your home.
When to Pressure Wash Your House
Pressure or power washing is almost the same cleaning process. The difference is a power wash uses heated water. If you are using your own pressure washer equipment, you should have gotten a guide from the manufacturer on when or how often to wash your house. Experts on this process recommend having a fixed schedule to perform the wash, which is typically once every two years.
One of the enjoyable moments when doing a wash on the outside of your house is watching the grime and dirt being washed away. Some even get hooked on this event and perform the wash too often. The problem with this is you could damage your house if you wash it with pressure too often.
Houses get dirty at different rates, depending on the construction and location. Weather, climate, and other external factors play a significant role in how often your home will get dirty. How often you should pressure wash your home depends on these conditions as well as the condition of the finish on your structure. Other factors are the make of your siding that has been installed, the condition of your paint, as well as the type of roof you have. These are all factors that will contribute to how often you should pressure wash to improve the looks of your house.
How to Determine When Your House Needs Pressure Washing
Some experts will advocate for more frequent cleanings of your home, but the most common advice is to wash it at least once a year. Houses can go a long time without being cleaned, so for many, it comes down to preference. You should consider the material your home has been constructed from when making your decision.
If your home has modern paint, roofing materials, or siding, it will be good at resisting dirt, algae, and mold. These building materials are designed to protect houses and do a good job standing up to weather elements. The easiest method to determine how often your house should be cleaned is basically when you feel it needs pressure washing.
When You Should Pressure Wash Your House
These are different factors to consider when deciding what is the best time to pressure wash house.
Local Climate
You should take into account your local climates, such as the local flora, temperatures, and humidity. These factors will all contribute to how dirty your house will get. These are also significant indicators of how often you should clean your home. Mildew and algae love moist, warm, and shade environments. Homeowners who live in these climates should be on the lookout often for these growths to appear on their houses. When you see growth beginning, it is time for pressure washing.
Local Conditions
A significant factor in making your home appear dirty is the pollution in your area. Living near an area with moderate to high traffic will indicate your house will need pressure washing more often than those who live in low-traffic areas.
Health and Wellness of Family
Algae and different molds that are common for growing on the exterior of homes can have serious health effects. If the spores from these growths were to get inside the home, it would cause extremely dangerous conditions for anyone with a respiratory illness. If these growths are seen on your home, it is an indicator you need a pressure washing.
Planning to Sell Your House
If you are planning to sell your home, a pressured wash will make it look more presentable. Having your home look its best could land you a better selling price.
Learn More About Cleaning Your House
Pressure washing your home can be challenging and for some dangerous. The equipment used in this process has a lot of power that could cause injuries if you are not familiar with its operations. If your home’s exterior needs to be cleaned, call the professionals at Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in pressure washing homes, patios, driveways, siding, roofs, and decks. Call us today to learn how our cost-effective methods can get your home looking it’s very best.