Pollen season is a miserable time for allergy sufferers. Spring is definitely the worse time of year for pollen to collect in and around your home, especially on your windows. Windows are the barrier to your home to keep out all unwanted insects, dirt, and especially pollen. Window cleaning is your best solution for keeping pollen off your glass and out of your home.

Window Cleaning is the Best Solution for Getting Rid of Pollen

Window cleaning will remove pollen particles from your glass surfaces. Windows, however, are not the only surfaces where pollen will collect. These tiny particles will land on any type of surface, including the screens and inside your windows’ tracks. Professional window cleaning by Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning Service will ensure all particles are removed, so they do not enter your home.

The sides of your home, as well as your roof and deck, will also be areas for pollen to collect. Washing your home area with a pressure washer is the best answer for getting rid of pollen that has accumulated near you. Using your garden hose for washing off patio chairs and other small objects you have outside is acceptable; however, you will want the professional services of pressure washing to get a more effective cleaning solution for the bigger jobs.

Getting Rid of Pollen Through Effective Window Cleaning

Opening your windows and allowing those fresh breezes through your home can be very appealing. If you suffer from allergies, this fresh breeze could be bringing pollen right into your home. Pollen particles can find its way into the house, and on its way, it will settle on the inside of your window sills as well as on your screens.

The yellow film pollen will leave on your windows, sills, and screens will seriously impact your view and health. Pollen stains and will become more stubborn to remove the longer you allow it to sit on your home. If these pollen particles are allowed to sit on your windows all season, they will impact your allergy health as well as become more challenging to remove. During high pollen season rinse your screens at least once or twice, so it doesn’t have the chance to settle and stain.

Window cleaning services such as Gwyndows have highly trained professionals who are able to clean your windows and have them their sparkly best. We perform meticulous work and use only eco-friendly products, so there are no dangers to your children or pets. With our competitive pricing and flexible schedules, your windows, sill, and screens will be pollen-free so you can breathe easier.