Spring is the perfect season to get a fresh start with housework. There are many home maintenance tasks to complete along with removing clutter and cleaning out those closets and cupboards. Maintenance tasks are important to keep your home in good shape and working condition for years to come.
Spring cleaning can become overwhelming, so the best way to perform these tasks is to make yourself a list, and then decide what you want to tackle first. Take the cleaning room by room, or appliance by appliance and balance your workload. While you might know of some obvious areas that need attention, there will also be some that are not quite as noticeable.
These tips will help you start your checklist for preparing your home for spring.
1. Cleaning Forgotten Corners and Window Frames
When taking on your spring cleaning tasks, you should be looking at addressing areas that are often overlooked daily. Include dusting corners for cobwebs and cracks for debris that has fallen into them. Wipe down your blinds and check your window sills for dust or dirt that has been collecting in them.
Window frames are a great item to have on your checklist. During the winter months, condensation can build up on the frames because of using central heating in the house while it’s so cold outside. If the condensation is not removed, it will create moisture that leaves behind limescale and mold on your frames. This buildup can damage your window frames and cause the paint on them to peel.
2. Windows
Springtime means the weather is going to get warmer, and plants will begin to bloom. The warmer weather will bring out bugs and more birds to impact your windows, along with the debris left behind from winter. All of these conditions will take a toll on the health of your windows.
Even though the snow will melt and go away, there will still be reminders of it on your windows. These reminders include streaks and salt deposits that will compromise your window’s health and your view through them. If you have windows located on higher levels than the ground, or if you have numerous windows, you can call a professional window cleaning service such as Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning.
Spring cleaning involves a lot of extra energy, and Gwydow’s Window Cleaning can help with experienced and effective cleaning of your windows safely and professionally so you can focus on other tasks with your home’s spring clean.
3. Downspouts and gutters
Winter will have left debris in your gutters and downspouts, which should be removed as part of your spring cleaning. Check gutters for potential clogs by filling them with water to check their exit through the downspouts. If there are serious clogs in these areas, it may require using tools to remove them. You should then check your gutters for any damages, such as cracks or holes that could have occurred by freezing and thawing of ice.
4. Roof
You will also want to take a look at your roof and visually check its condition. Look for missing or damaged shingles. You may even want to look inside your attic for any signs of moisture or leaks. These issues will require immediate attention to avoid serious damage to the structure of your home.
5. HVAC Unit
Spring is an excellent time to schedule a tune-up on your HVAC unit. With the warmer months just ahead, you will want to make sure your air conditioner is in working condition and ready to cool your home. Some spring checks you can perform, including looking at the unit’s panels and making sure the connections are still secured, clearing any debris that may have collected around the outside unit, and changing the filter to remove all the debris it collected through the winter months.
Setting aside some time to get your home’s exterior in shape for the spring ensures you catch any potential issues that might have been caused by winter. Once these tasks are complete, you’re ready to tackle your interior. Remember to make that checklist, and contact Gwydnow’s Window Cleaning to make your spring cleaning more enjoyable and stress-free.