Ladder Safety Tips for Homeowners

If you are a homeowner, chances are you own a ladder. A ladder is a typical part of performing maintenance or home repairs in areas too high to reach. While these are a common tool, it is still important to follow ladder safety rules or you could find yourself suffering a serious injury.

More than 90,000 people a year report they have experienced a ladder-related injury that has resulted in emergency room visits. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, ladders have been involved in more than 80% of all injuries from falling in construction jobs. These injuries also resulted in emergency room visits.

Most ladder-related injuries happen because people are not aware of basic ladder safety rules. One expert in ladder use states these tips should be followed when homeowners use a ladder.

Ladder Safety Tip 1- Make Sure Your Ladder is the Right Height

Eighteen feet is a typical height for a ladder, but it might not be tall enough for you to safely get on it or off. This height is barely tall enough to reach the roof of a house, which is where most maintenance work is done. The eighteen-foot ladder may allow you to reach your roof and climb off onto it. The problem comes when it is time to climb back down as you may have an issue getting back onto the ladder safely.

A ladder should extend at least three feet past your roof so you have something to hang onto when you begin your descent. If it doesn’t extend that far, you may discover you have to lie on your stomach and try to hook the ladder with your feet. A twenty-four or twenty-eight-foot ladder is recommended for these types of use.

Ladder Safety Tip 2- Use Ladders For Their Intended Use Only

A ladder is not meant to be used as a bridge for your scaffolding. The shelf on the ladder is also not meant to be used as a step. Many people attempt to use the shelf as a step when they have chosen a ladder that is not long enough for the task they are performing. Ladder safety is about using a ladder for its intended use only.

Ladder Safety Tip 3- Always Know the Location and Route When Moving the Ladder

Typically people store a ladder in the shed or their garage. When its time to use the ladder, you should always know:

  • Where you are taking the ladder
  • The route you’ll follow to get to the area
  • And make sure the path is clear

You want a clear path to where the ladder is needed so you don’t bump objects, such as your car, wires, or other people. When you move it, good ladder safety is to carry it horizontally, so it does not obstruct your vision.

Ladder Safety Tip 4- Check the Safety Label on Your Ladder

Ladder safety means you have to know how to properly use a ladder. All you need to know about ladder safety is printed on your ladder’s safety sticker. As with any other tool in your garage or shop, the safety information is critical information needed to prevent a serious injury.

Where to Find Homeowner Maintenance Services

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