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Hi All, Robin here. I had the pleasure of meeting a long-time Gwyndow’s client on a coincidental, and much needed, vacation this past week with our families. Paul and his wife Marquette were with their two kiddos, and while we did try not to talk about work on vacation it inevitably came up! Even though we’ve previously never met in person they have been referring business to us for years (thank you!).

I had a chance to talk with them a bit about the housing market, and their views on marketing to customers. Homesville Realty Group is a local family-owned business serving Austin’s real-estate buyers and sellers the right way! I asked Paul if he follows up with customers to sell after the 5-year mark and he said actually it’s better to make long-term investments, so he encourages his customers to hang on to their properties when it makes sense. I know there are a ton of good realtors here in Austin (many of which we use personally and the mutual support is AWESOME), but these two: Paul and Marquette will treat you right if you need to buy or sell (or take a simultaneous coincidental vacation with.)

Local Spotlight: Homesville Realty Group

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Phone:    512-789-0869

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