March is National Ladder Safety Month

At Gwyndows, Safety Is Our Top Concern

When it comes to the safety of our clients and crew, we take matters very seriously. That’s why at Gwyndows, we want to educate the public about how we ensure safety in every job we take. It just so happens that the month of see-saw weather patterns and abundant pollen– March– is the same month we dedicate to one of our most used tools: the ladder.

Ladder safety is a serious matter. Every year thousands of people suffer disabling injuries and the US experiences over 300 ladder-related deaths a year. Even one death is too much, in our opinion, so we are happy to participate with the American Ladder Institute (ALI) for the first-ever National Ladder Safety Month. The ALI is the only approved organization that develops safety standards for ladders in the United States, and it works to provide training, resources, and a national dialogue regarding safe conduct.

National Ladder Safety Month: What Is It?

The American Ladder institute developed National Ladder Safety Month as a dedication to ladder safety awareness for the American Public. For us, every step matters. While our crew most often utilizes multi-story units, even the smallest step stool provides a risk. With the ALI, we want to decrease the overall number of injuries and fatalities caused by falls from ladders.

In order to bring heightened awareness to this cause, the ALI crafted a month long agenda dedicating different weeks to the various aspects of ladder safety. With the help of businesses like Gwyndows, the ALI hopes to heighten awareness to the importance of precaution and regulation when it comes to the personal and professional use of ladders.

National Ladder Safety Month Broken Down:

Throughout March 2017, each week focuses on the four different aspects of ladder safety:

  • March 1st-11th: Why We Focus on Ladder Safety and How It Affects Everyone
  • March 12th-18th: Ladder Safety In The Workplace
  • March 19th-25th: Ladder Safety In The Home
  • March 26th-April 1st: Ladder Inspection and Disposal

With the spreading of awareness and increased safety measures, we believe we can drastically reduce the alarming number of ladder accidents and deaths that occur in the country. Not only does the ALI want the public to know proper precautions when using the tool, but they want to enable more people to receive ladder safety training certificates so local experts can reinforce company policies. In the end, we all want an organized, effective system that keeps people safe at work and at home.