Pet of the Week: Harper – 3 Month Old Schauzer

This week’s pet of the week is none other than everyone’s favorite ball of energy, 3 month old Harper. True to his schnauzer breed, he is friendly, loving, and almost always in your face!

Harper loves spending time with his new family and gets along great with kids. He has already assumed his role as resident      watchdog and is always ready to alert his family of any potential dangers, strange occurrences, or approaching strangers. This comes from the schnauzer’s natural instinct to guard and protect its loved ones.

For fun, Harper loves to go to the dog park with his owners or go for long walks and enjoy Austin’s beautiful climate. Great both inside and outside, Harper’s spirited personality shines through in everything he does. His energy and loving nature can    make even the dullest days memorable and fun. Here’s to you Harper. We can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!