The tallest building completed in Austin, Texas was the Independent in 2019. This building is 690 feet tall and is the tallest building in the State of Texas, not including those in Dallas and Houston. The Independent is the tallest all-residential tower on the west side of the Mississippi River.

Construction of the Independent took from 2016 until its completion in 2019. During these years, 58 floors were constructed in the structure. Inside of the Independent is 370 condos, a heated pool, playground, yoga deck, dog park, and a fitness center.

The Independent has earned the name, Jenga Tower, or some call it the Tetris Tower and is located at 301 West Avenue in Austin, Texas.

Second Tallest Building in Austin- The Austonian

The second tallest building in Austin, Texas is the Austonian. This building is 683 feet tall, so there is not much difference between it and the Independent. Construction of the Austonian took from 2007 until its completion in 2010 and was opened to host the 2010 Women’s Symphony Designer Showhouse.

In the Austonian are 56 floors, and it is the second tallest residential structure west of the Mississippi River. The Austonian is located at 200 N Congress Ave in Downtown Austin, Texas.

Third Tallest Building in Austin- Fairmont Austin

The third tallest building in Austin, Texas is the Fairmont Austin and this one is not a residential structure but is a hotel. The Fairmont Austin is the largest of the Fairmont hotel chain in the United States and stands 595 feet tall. This hotel is comprised of 37 floors. Construction of the hotel began in 2014 and was completed in 2018.

Inside the Fairmont Austin are not only hotel rooms, but there are also five dining room options. The Fulton and Revue are two of those. The Fairmont Austin is located at 101 Red River Street in Austin, Texas.

Fourth Tallest Building in Austin- 360 Condominiums

The fourth-tallest building in Austin, Texas, and is also a residential structure is the 360 Condominiums. This building is 581 feet tall and is comprised of 44 floors and 430 condos. Construction of 360 Condominiums began in 2006 and was completed in May of 2008.

Included in the 360 Condominiums besides the 430 condos is a club room, sundeck, and swimming pool. This building even hosts its own theater. 360 Condominiums is located at 360 Nueces Street in Austin, Texas.

Fifth Tallest Building in Austin- Frost Bank Tower

The fifth tallest building in Austin, Texas has a crown on its top and is known as the Frost Bank Tower. This building is 515 feet tall with 33 floors. The Frost Bank Tower is neither a residential structure nor a hotel. This building is a class A office building.

The construction of the Frost Bank Tower began in 2001 and is the tallest building constructed in the United States after 9/11. Construction was completed in 2003 and was dedicated in 2004. Frost Bank Tower sits at 401 Congress Ave, Austin, Texas.

What Austin Plans for the Future of Tall Buildings

The history of Austin skyscrapers began in 1910 with the construction of the Scarbrough Building, but the city continues to grow taller. The upcoming decade will see even taller buildings gracing the skyline of Austin. Some of the plans for these structures include the proposed 28-story condo tower at 17th and Guadalupe Street, and the Symphony Square building that will surround and hover over the Symphony Square complex.

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