The workforce is slowly returning to workplaces now that the threat of COVID-19 is lessening. It is now more important than ever, to make sure those workplaces exceed sanitation and cleanliness standards. Typically businesses have management or custodial teams who help to keep up a consistent cleaning routine, but there are still areas in the workplace that are overlooked or forgotten.

Forgotten areas in the workplace for cleaning teams can lead to a build-up of bacteria and germs which if left too long can result in significant health risks, an increase in disease and infection transmission, or structural damage to your building. It is important to understand how to properly disinfect and clean your workplace to improve the overall safety of your customers and employees’ health. This cleanliness will create a welcoming environment for everyone and keep your building in excellent condition.

Strategy to Implement to Ensure a More Thorough Cleaning in Your Building
The first step in your strategy to implement a more thorough cleaning of your building is to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. You also need to know how often each of these techniques should be done. It doesn’t matter if your building is a school, office, or hospital, both disinfecting and cleaning are important maintenance routines.
Your routine should always include cleaning before disinfecting as cleaning removes soils and prepares the object or surface to be disinfected.
Disinfecting an area will kill the germs collecting there and prevent them from being spread. If you don’t clean the surface first, the germs are able to hide under the soil and reduce the effectiveness of disinfecting.
Hiring a professional service to sanitize your office or building is the most effective means of getting a thorough cleaning of your building as they use the proper procedures and have the right equipment to do a great job.

Checklist to Ensure a Thorough Cleaning in Your Building
The pandemic has changed a lot of routines in our world and how we clean our workplace is one of those. The acceptable level of cleaning has reached a new high, and your workplace must have a thorough cleaning strategy in place to ensure your health and that of your employees and customers.
These are some of the weekly cleaning routines that should be in place for your building:
Bathrooms must be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week, depending on the amount of traffic going through them. These areas get dirty quickly and bacteria love to roam through them. Disinfect door handles, sinks, toilets, and all areas the traffic will touch regularly.
General Areas
The general work areas where employees or customers spend the majority of their time should be kept tidy and clean. Carpets should be vacuumed, hardwood floors should be swept, and all waste baskets should be emptied daily. Wipe down all doors or glass areas that have been touched regularly and make sure that any public fountain is cleaned once a day.
Break Rooms
Break rooms will become dirty quickly and the cleaning needs to be done at least once a week or more. Disinfect break room floors, shelf handles, counters, towel dispensers, refrigerator, and the area around the sink. Make sure all high-traffic areas are kept clean to make sure they are bacteria-free.
These are some of the bi-weekly cleaning routines to put in place for your building:
Bimonthly Routines
The areas in your building that do not see much traffic will take longer to become dirty. These areas still need attention, but not as often. Bimonthly cleaning of low-traffic areas will help to keep your building safe. One of the areas to look at for bimonthly cleaning are your windows, common spaces, and doors.

Where to Find Help With Bimonthly Cleaning of Your Building
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