Typically as the weather begins to get colder, you spend more time indoors. Staying indoors more, though, doesn’t mean there aren’t still outside chores that need to be done. Winter window cleaning is one of those chores. Spending more time inside may have you looking out your windows more often as you check the weather conditions or maybe even what is happening in the neighborhood. You want your windows to be clean to provide a good view of the world outside.

Winter window cleaning comes with a whole new set of challenges than those you encounter during the warmer months. Even though it can be more challenging, keeping your windows clean is important during the winter months.

Why Winter Window Cleaning is Necessary

Grime and dirt accumulate on your windows all year long. Winter months add to that grime from the added detriment of salt sprays and the location of your windows. When debris and dirt land on your windows, it will cause damage and etching to the glass. These damages can add up to costly repair expenses.

Window cleaning removes these particulates from your glass and allows more light to shine through and brighten your home. The days of winter are shorter and having as much light as long as possible is healthier for you and your family. Natural light is said to make people happier, and with more natural light, you need less artificial light.

Tips for Winter Window Cleaning

Before you bundle up and head outside to clean your windows, make sure you have all your supplies in one spot. You may want to include a broom in these supplies as there may be snow built up that needs to be swept away. You will also want to gather:

-Dishwashing soap and water
– Waterproof gloves, such as rubber dish gloves over a pair of cotton or wool-lined gloves. You will need these gloves to protect your hands against the weather elements
– Sturdy ladder if you have higher windows, as well as someone to hold the ladder steady
– Several towels, an extension pole if you have higher windows and a bucket

It is best to perform your winter window cleaning when the temperatures are above 32-degrees or freezing. If the temperatures are below the freezing mark, you should add rubbing alcohol to your water and soap solution. A good ratio is- 3 parts soapy water to one-part rubbing alcohol. When you use the rubbing alcohol, it will help keep the water soapy as well as keep it from freezing.

When you are ready to begin your winter window washing:
– Clean all debris and dirt away from and inside the sills and tracks before you start cleaning the glass
– You want to avoid having frost build up on the glass, so work fast to reduce this from forming
– When you begin the window cleaning, clean larger more expansive windows in sections
– Begin pulling the squeegee from the top down towards the bottom. Each time you reach the bottom, wipe the squeegee with a towel
– You will want to change towels often, so they do not freeze. Using clean towels always limits streaking

Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning service is a professional team of window cleaning experts. You can stay warm inside, and we will clean your windows to ensure they are clean and reduce the risk of them becoming damaged due to dirt, grime, or salt sprays. We offer the highest-quality window cleaning services in the Austin area and improve your natural light quality while you stay cozy and warm inside.