Many homeowners clean their windows twice a year. The spring and fall seasons are the most popular times for these cleanings. The fall is an especially beneficial time for you to clean your windows. During the fall season, you will experience more leaves and debris falling from the trees, which can cause windows to become extremely dirty.
The screens on your windows are acting like a large filter in which dirt and dust will become trapped, and in effect make your windows dirtier. There are several beneficial reasons you should wash your windows this fall.

1. Save on Heating Expenses
Your biggest source of heat loss in your home is your windows. If your windows become dirty, they cannot let as much sunlight into your home. Less sunlight coming through means it will require more heat from the HVAC system to warm your home.

2. Better Health for You and Your Family
Transitioning from spring to summer to fall are times when allergens are the highest. Window screens and your windows are the perfect spots for airborne allergens to gather. If you do not clean these, you and your family (or employees) are at a higher risk of reacting to the allergens and catching a cold. Cleaning your windows in the fall is beneficial to everyone’s health.

3. Protect Your Glass
When the fall winds begin picking up and start blowing around debris and leaves, it can cause the glass in your windows to begin degrading. Over time, this effect will make the glass become brittle and increase the risks of it cracking.

4. Get Rid of Bacteria and Unwanted Viruses
As mentioned above, it is beneficial to everyone’s health to clean your windows in the fall. Besides the allergens that can collect in your screens and on your windows, bacteria and viruses also find these areas perfect to live in. By keeping your windows clean, you prevent the risk of nasty stuff such as staph, VRE, and MSRA from entering your home.

5. Improve the Appearance of Your Home
Property experts and realtors will tell you the most important piece in creating an inviting and warm atmosphere to your home is having clean windows. Whether in your place of business or your home, when you have clean windows, you allow natural light in through the clean and unobstructed glass.

6. Clean Windows and Gutters
When you hire a professional service such as Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning during the fall, you can also request your gutters to be cleaned out. This is the perfect time for gutters to become clogged with falling leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your home as well as increase the chances of your windows becoming dirtier.

Who to Contact About Fall Window Cleaning
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