We’ve compiled a list of most frequently asked questions and answers. If you don’t see your question on here, submit a question through our contact page, or ask us in person when we come over!




Do I have to be home when you come give me an estimate?

No, you do not have to be home when we come by your home for an estimate. When we come by for an estimate, we walk around the perimeter of your house and count the windows. It takes us about 10 minutes. Just make sure your yard is accessible and let us know if there are any escape artists in the back yard so we are aware of them.





Can you clean the upstairs windows?

Yes, in most cases, we can reach all your windows. Our ladders can reach up to 32 feet (2.5 stories) and beyond that we can use a water-fed pole up to 35 feet high. If there are ever any windows we cannot reach safely, we will always let you know beforehand. We will do everything we can do to access all your windows.




How will the window cleaners protect my floors, walls, and belongings?

Our window cleaners have several ways of protecting their surroundings in your home.

To protect your flooring:

  • We either wear protective disposable “booties” that cover our shoes or we take our shoes off when entering your home.
  • We make sure our ladders and equipment are clean prior to entering your home.
  • All our ladders have rubber feet that are anti-skid and don’t scratch floors.
  • We will also spot check the areas we have been to make sure we have not left anything behind.

To protect your belongings:

  • Our window cleaners use a minimal amount of water while inside your home; this helps us prevent splashing water inside your home.
  • All our window cleaners carry a large beach towel that is set out on the floor, over desks, or other furniture in order to prevent any stray drops of water from getting onto your belongings.
  • Our sectional ladders have wool bonnets which keep the walls surrounding high interior windows from being scratched or dented.
  • We take care when moving belongings from in front of windows. If furniture must be moved in order to access the window, please give us prior notice.
  • We are 100% insured. We have a $2 million liability insurance policy, workers compensation insurance, and we’re fidelity bonded. Although we’re 100% accident-free and intend to stay that way, we are covered just in case. Ask any of our crew members to show you proof of insurance.

Do you ever use “Rain-ex” or anything to keep dirt off the windows?

Yes, on request, we will use a solution called Repel. However, window cleaning companies that market “rain-ex” type solutions typically say “your windows will stay cleaner longer if we use this solution.” That is incorrect. These solutions do help keep water, soil, and stains on the surface of the glass making the window immensely easier to clean next time, but they don’t actually keep the glass from getting less dirty. Therefore, we opt to use a less expensive, eco-friendly product that works brilliantly, and we don’t mislead and upcharge our customers. That being said, there are some circumstances, such as repeated hard water hitting the window, that Repel works great, and if you’d like to explore those options, please let us know. Repel is available to all of our customers by request.




What should I do to prepare for your arrival?

If we’re working on the outside of your home only, we are completely self-sufficient, and you don’t need to do anything for us.

If we’re also working inside your home, all we ask is that you move knick knacks and breakables from in front of the windows to avoid accidents. We pull back curtains and raise blinds. While moving the furniture away from the area surround the windows would allow for us to move fast within your home, it is not necessary, however, if there is a special piece or if you feel more comfortable moving your furniture, you are more than welcome to do so. We are usually able to maneuver around furniture. In the case there is something in the way, we carefully move the piece and make sure to place it back once we’re finished. We take great pride in being able to leave your home the way it was before we arrived, with the exception of clean windows!




Do I need to be home during my appointment?

No, as long as we have the access we need, and you’re reachable by phone to confirm pricing and collect payment, you do not need to be home for us. Your presence is based on your comfort level.

If you do prefer to be present, when you schedule an appointment with us, we will give you a small arrival window. This window allows you to make additional plans for the day of your appointment. On request, we can call you 30 minutes prior to your appointment, so you don’t have to wait for us during the window.

Part of why Gwyndow’s offers the best customer service in our industry is our timeliness! If we are ever running more than 5 minutes behind, the crew will call you ahead of time with an update.




I love my pet(s), do I have to crate them or put them away while you’re at my house?

Absolutely not. If your pets are friendly, we are friendly with them! As pet owners ourselves, we love animals, and often get sidetracked playing with them during our work day. We also know about escape artists and extreme barkers, so rest assure, your instructions will be followed, and we’ll treat your beloved pet as our own while in your home.




What forms of payment do accept? Do I have to pay on site?

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards on site. We offer a 3% discount for paying with a cash or check. Keep in mind, however, the crew does not carry change. Payment is due at the completion of our service unless prior arrangements are made. If you aren’t home during service we will call you to collect payment.


Our mailing address is 2900 W Anderson LN C-200-350 Austin, TX 78757.


Are there rescheduling fees?

Yes, if you did not give us 48 hours notice, there may be fees to reschedule. However, we understand that life happens and things come up. If you need to reschedule for whatever reason, please give us a call and let us know! Keep in mind that we have a separate rain policy which you can review below, as the same standard does not apply when it rains!




What happens to my appointment if it rains, or if it looks like it might rain?

If you don’t hear from us, then it is safe to assume we will arrive at your scheduled time and complete all the appointment we are able. Sometimes, we can get the inside of the windows done and come back when it’s sunny to clean the outside. Sometimes we can clean the windows in the rain. Unless there is lightening, we can typically pressure wash, even if it’s raining. If we cannot complete your service the crew will let you know and we’ll schedule a finish up for as soon as possible.

If it rains on the day of your window cleaning or up to 3 days after your window cleaning, we will come to fix any drips/dirty spots left by the storm, provided you let us know within 2 days. The reason we can offer a rain policy is because 95% of the time our customers don’t actually need it. Most windows are covered by eves and porches on the exterior. And, even if they aren’t, the windows will get wet, but not dirty after rain. Rain makes dirt on windows look worse, but after the dirt is gone, rain just looks wet! Following a window cleaning, most windows will stay looking very clean for 6 months to a year.

That being said, we don’t have any rain rescheduling fees, so you are welcome to reschedule your appointment if there is rain in the forecast and you’re particularly worried about it. We just ask you give us as much notice as you can so we can fill your slot and stay busy. Otherwise, we have typical 48 hour rescheduling fees but will try to be as flexible as possible because we know things come up!




What is a divided light (french) window?

A divided light window typically has solid metal or plastic dividers that physically divide a window into more than 2 panes.

There are also “faux french” or internal dividers on windows, which give windows the same appearance as a typical divided light window, however the pane is not physically divided into various panes by the dividers. These dividers are placed on the very inside of a double paned window.

If you are not sure which kind of window you have, go to one of the windows in question and place a finger on your window, then run your finger over one of the visible frames on the window. If you can feel the divider, then you have divided light windows. If you do not feel the divider and you are able to run your finger smoothly throughout the entire window, then your windows are faux french.




Why is this important?

Due to the physical dividers present in divided light windows, these take more time for us to clean and detail, and consequently, they are priced at a higher rate for window cleaning than regular or faux french windows. Here are some examples of divided light windows:

Standard window to help you estimate your Austin window cleaningWindow example to help you estimate your Austin window cleaningWindow example to help you estimate your Austin window cleaning




What is a breached window? What can I do about my breached window?

A breached window typically looks like it is constantly foggy, or has some splatter-like pattern, however the splatter or marks on the window are in between two panes within a double paned window. Unfortunately we cannot clean the “breachness” off the window.

Windows can become breached if there was a problem during manufacturing in which some moisture was trapped between the panes, or if the seal placed during manufacturing was faulty and allowed moisture to build up after installation.

Windows can also become breached with changing foundation and temperatures, as well as general weathering of the protective seal around your window. These changes can often allow mold, bacteria and/or moisture in therefore creating the patterns, and at times foggy appearance of the window.

The only way to fix a breached window is to replace the window. It is important to note, while annoying, the effect of a breached window is purely in its aesthetic; it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the window in any way.

We don’t replace windows but can recommend a few good local companies that do. Ask us for recommendations when you’re ready to get your breached windows replaced.




What is a tempered window? Why is it different?

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is specially made to break into round pebbles instead of shards. Within the glass industry a lack of quality control allows some tempered glass that may have been manufactured improperly to come to the marketplace. The glass surface is not “cleaned” properly at the manufacturer and glass dust (fine particles or “fines”) are embedded in the surface of the glass. This is not visible to the eye but can be discerned with touch. Any window in a house can be tempered, but they are primarily located in places where you could easily fall through like stairwells, bathrooms, doors. Also, it is important to note that not all tempered windows will have this defect.

Tempered windows are especially important to us as window cleaners because if you scrape a tempered window with a razor scraper it can permanently scratch the glass. All of our crew members are taught on their first day how to identify a defected tempered window and use alternative methods that do not scrape the glass. We will never use cleaning methods on your glass that might scratch it.




My window has tint or film on it. Can you clean it?

Yes, we can clean tinted windows! The solution we use, Glass Gleam 4 is basically a concentrated dish soap and does not harm tint in anyway. We never use solvents or anything that might deteriorate the tint. We do, however, skip any steps that might scratch the tint, such as using a razor scraper or steel wool, so there are certain things that we cannot clean off of tint, such as paint. We will never use cleaning methods on your glass that might scratch it. We do clean tinted windows, just like all windows, as best we can, and normal dirt and grime comes off easily.




Do you clean blinds?

No, we do not clean blinds at this time. Blind cleaning requires a special technique and equipment we don’t own, and is an entirely separate service from window cleaning. It is understandable you’d want them cleaned at the same time, however, and we can recommend some great local companies for you to get that done before your window cleaning.




Do you clean window tracks?

Yes. As part of our normal window cleaning service, we do a quick wipe out of your visible window tracks and wipe the frames of your windows. The tracks and frames aren’t detailed, but we get out all the loose dirt and buggy stuff, at no extra charge. For most of our customers, this level of track wiping is sufficient. The track will look clean passing by.

We also offer track and frame detailing at an additional price if you want your tracks or frames to be absolutely spotless. If this is a service you’d like added on to your window cleaning, we’d be happy to give you a free estimate.




Do you offer other services besides window cleaning?

Yes! We offer solar panel cleaning, gutter cleaning, power washing, and commercial services as well.





“Gwyndow’s… So is there a Gwyn on your crew? Which one of you is Gwyn?”

Yes! There is a Gwyn!

Gwyn was the original founder and owner of Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning. In 2009 Gwyn sold Gwyndow’s to Robin, her long time crew member, which then allowed her to pursue a life as a Buddhist Nun. If you get a chance to speak with Robin, she’s happy to tell you some Gwyn stories!