Window maintenance is important all year long, but often the cold temperatures of the winter keep homeowners from getting outdoors to care for their windows. Window maintenance is still important during this time to keep your windows cared for and clean and prevent damage. Window cleaning in the winter also improves the atmosphere of your home.

Following these proper window maintenance tips during the winter months can help you ensure your windows stay in great condition all year long.

1. Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is essential in the winter as debris and grime can quickly accumulate on their surface. These harmful particles need to be cleared away so they do not scratch or create other damages to your windows. Another benefit of keeping windows clean during the winter is when dirt builds up, it lowers the visibility into your home and blocks your natural lighting. You can lower your energy bills by allowing more natural light in and reducing your need for artificial light.

2. Check Outside Temperatures

While it is important to keep your windows clean during the winter, you have to make sure the temperatures are right before doing the cleaning. If possible, wash your windows when the temperatures are above freezing. When temperatures are above freezing it will reduce the odds of streaks occurring. If you need to perform the clean when temperatures are near or below freezing, add some rubbing alcohol to your solution. The rubbing alcohol will keep your solution from freezing as you do the window washing.

3. Protect Yourself and Stay Covered

Caring for your windows in the winter can cause damage to your hands if you do not keep them properly covered. You need to protect your entire body during cold temperature work, but especially your hands when washing windows. The use of waterproof gloves will help keep your hands safe. Beware that cold temperatures can be challenging as the use of liquid cleaners in near-freezing weather can cause frost-bite quickly.

4. Tips for Cleaning your Windows

Before you leave the warmth of your home, assemble all the materials you will need to wash your windows. Check from inside if you are going to need to clear away ice or snow from the area as you may have to include a tool for this task. These are the other materials you’ll need to do the washing:

Rubber dish gloves or other water-proof gloves for your hand’s protection

Dish soap and water, or your preferred window washing solution

Bucket, extension pole, squeegee, towels

Sturdy ladder and another individual to hold the ladder securely while you climb

As mentioned above, if the temperatures are close to the freezing mark, add some rubbing alcohol to your washing solution. Try these tips when you begin the wash:

Remove the debris and dirt from the window sills and tracks before washing the glass surfaces

When cleaning, you will have to work quickly or the solution will turn to frost

When cleaning large windows, clean them in sections

Squeegee the window from the top to the bottom, and wipe the squeegee each time it reaches the bottom

Change your towel frequently to eliminate streaking

5. Professional Window Cleaning

Working outside in cold temperatures can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. If you feel the winter temperatures are too much to handle and pose too many risks, contact a professional cleaning service to maintain the quality of your windows. Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning Service provides excellent customer service at affordable prices. We will ensure your windows look great and maintain their quality all year long.

Where to Find Professional Window Cleaning Services

Gwyndow’s Window Cleaning Service is committed to exceeding your expectations and guarantee their products and your satisfaction. Our window cleaners are highly trained and will clean your windows carefully and meticulously. Your home will never look better than after a window washing from Gwyndow’s. Call and ask about our outstanding services at affordable prices today and have your home sparkling throughout this winter season.