Your First Professional Window Washing: What To Expect With Gwyndows

Gwyndows Austin Window Cleaning

At Gwyndows we pride ourselves on being a part of the community, and as part of the community, we always strive to make each and every customer feel like they are getting the best window washing experience possible. One of the things that can get in the way of a good experience is when a customer feels like they’ve been under-informed by the company. When a professional service is not 100% transparent, there is a sense of distrust between them and the customer. No good. No good at all.

That’s why we want to help our customer become fully versed on Gwyndows, our treatments, and what to expect before we ever reach the door. Here’s what to expect when you work with Gwyndows:

We Keep Austin Weird

As a local business, we’re proud to be Austinites through and through. Since we take the “Keep Austin Weird” mantra very seriously, we have a diverse, fun crew. You may see our professionals wearing a bit of flair on their uniform and more than one “hip” hairdo. Suffice to say the majority of us are not “clean cut,” but that doesn’t mean we are anything less than professional.

We Don’t Waste Your Time

Once we’re on the job, you have nothing to worry about. Our window washing professionals are extremely self-sufficient and can take care of any situation. Believe us– if it exists, we’ve seen it! Our work typically takes a half a day or less, but if you have a larger home, or your office has tons of windows, it may take a little longer. Regardless, we alway strive to finish the job within the day.

We Treat You And Your Home With The Utmost Respect

Don’t worry about Fluffy and Fido getting out; we love pets and know exactly how to work around them. We can handle any unique elements your home or office has, from solar screens to Roman shades we have you covered. Our professionals always take the time to move your furniture, breakables, and knick-knacks carefully so you come home to your house exactly as it was– just with shinier, cleaner windows!

We Are Here For Whatever You Need

Before we ever start to work, you’re given a fair price for our services. There are no hidden fees or charges. We strive to be honest and transparent every step of the way. That’s why we’re open to any and all of you concerns and questions. Got some? Contact us today. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Gwyndows experience!

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page where we get down to the nitty-gritty on how we get your windows clean.